Which tank?

We offer 20 ft KING TANK containers, swap body tank containers and 20ft bitumen containers in accordance with the International Maritime Organization regulations. As a member of the International Tank Container Organization (ITCO) We maintain its fleet according to the Acceptable Container Conditions (ACC) drafted by ITCO. A tank container can be leased or rented for any period. The tank containers are available in all major ports with a capacity range between 14.500 and 35.000 liters. We lease its tank containers to chemical producers, food producers, tank container operators and other companies or industries requiring transport or storage of liquid products.

Container types

There are many tank container types. Beside the standard tank container and the full spec tank container we offer different types of special tanks like swap body tanks, electrical heated tanks, reefer tanks, highly isolated tanks, baffled tanks, multi compartment tanks, lined tanks and tanks suitable for different gases like LPG, LNG and other industrial gases. We also offer tank containers dedicated for food stuff products and tank containers with modifications tailor made for your operations.

Beside the options shown, a wide range of other modifications and fittings is available. Please share your enquiry and we will specify the most suitable tank container for your business. During this process we will take into account the product(s) to be loaded, the area of operation and any loading or discharge preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal tank taking both income and costs into consideration.